Are you cringing?  Do you need to transform cringes to amusement or at the least diversion? You have come to the right website.

This is a virtual repository of all things cringeworthy.  We have found that there is much in the world that leaves one with no alternative but shudder, grimace, or ... cringe.  And when they do those cringeworthy statements find their home here at cringeworthy.net. If you find that the cringeworthy too often whirls about in your brain - don't accommodate it.  Instead, leave it here to rest.  It will relieve you of the burden and much like watching a tragicomedy, we will feel better in the end. 

Results of the February Cringe Ballot....
The most cringemakingly phrase of February is to be honest/truth be told/to tell the truth.